Something for the Weekend: Waddesdon Manor

Waddesdon Manor is a former Rothschild home located in Buckinghamshire. I've visited a lot of National Trust properties this year, but this has to be the most opulent of them all.

It's so large I couldn't fit the entire building in one photograph, and it takes 15 minutes to walk from the car park to the property (they run a shuttle service for those less inclined to hike across the fields).

It was designed by a French architect in the style of a french chateau and used as a weekend home. The family are still involved in the upkeep of the property and the charitable works associated with the estate (including the aviary which has a role in the conservation of endangered tropical birds).

Inside the house is filled with all kinds of curiosities - including the Elephant Automatron I've included in this post. (It's also currently playing host to several art exhibitions/installations - my favourite of which were the paintings by Francesco Guardi, an artist who captured Venice so beautifully.)


  1. What an ornate home both inside and out! And the grounds look so pretty too. I feel like you really captured the essence of this place with your great photos!


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