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Arm Candy

One of my favourite things about blogging, and following other people's blogs, is that it opens up a world of style you might never have considered before. I've followed Vanessa of Wardrobe Under Construction for a while and I'm always fascinated by her posts because her style is so wonderfully unique and so completely different to my own.

I've always felt that my style is fairly 'classic', and usually, I feel safer in my style comfort zone. But there's a growing trend for quirky bags that I can't ignore... because they are just too damn cute! I spotted them cropping up first on Vanessa's Instagram but now I find another one to add to my wish list every time I open a magazine. Here's what it looks like at the moment...

New Look Burger Clutch £12.99New Look Donut Clutch £12.99New Look Milkshake Clutch £12.99New Look Chocolate Coin Clutch £12.99New Look Choc Bar Clutch Bag £12.99Accessorize Tick Tock Clock Across Body Bag £25 (similar here too)Acce…