Introducing Indi

Last weekend we had another uncommonly good burst of sunshine, so I decided to put my previous troubles with self-shooting behind me and photograph a post on my new ASOS Tall shorts. Unfortunately Indi had other ideas.

I've introduced my dogs once before on the blog but Indi is not the sort of girl who likes to be outshone - so after my last post she took matters into her own paws.

You would never know it but Indi is actually a senior citizen. The problem is, in her head she's still 10 months old, rather than 10 years. We called her Indi after Indiana Jones, and she likes to live up to her name. 

Top: F&F (similar here)
Shorts: ASOS Tall (exact ones here)
Shoes: Primark
Sunglasses: Accessorize


  1. Too funny that your dog photobombed your self-shoot. Makes for more fun that way, right? Those shorts look like the perfect length for us tall girls and I always love a striped tee. Perfect casual summer look!

    1. Thanks Beth! They're super comfy (if a little roomy) and the hem length can be adjusted. I turned it up twice because I like my shorts short - but they're even longer when worn without a turn up. x


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