I was discussing my make-up routine with a friend at work recently - mainly because I don't consider myself very skilled at it and I was hoping to pick up some tips. We agreed that most girls learn about make-up from their mother, but that wasn't really the case for us. Make-up for me has always been very much trial and error.

There are a few products I've tried in recent years that I've stuck with and they are nearly all French brands. So when a sudden fancy struck me the other weekend to try a slightly bolder look and invest in a properly-red lipstick I went to the one French brand I hadn't yet tried: Dior.

The Dior counter at House of Fraser were incredibly helpful - and very patient with my trial-and-error approach. They picked out the perfect shade for me and taught me everything I needed to know to apply it properly - I'd been doing it wrong all these years - quelle surprise! (For some equally useful tips I'd also recommend this article.)

Here are some of my best French beauty buys:

Image credit: Rachel Orritt (all other images by me)

Lipstick: Dior Rouge in 999 shade
Eyeliner: Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof in 88 Noir Intense
Concealer: YSL Touch Eclat in Number 1
Mascara: Lancome Hypnose in Noir 1

T-shirt: Rare (seen previously here)
Cardigan: Love

I tend not to use foundation too often, and I'm currently still experimenting with blush/bronzer - if you have any recommendations I would love to hear them!


  1. Oh my! That Dior lip color is just too pretty for words! And it looks just absolutely perfect on you. I tend to be rather minimalist when it comes to makeup mostly because I have NO CLUE how to put it on. When I do buy it, I lean toward what I think/hope are quality brands. I feel like I should wear bronzer too. I have at times in the past but I'm sure I probably wasn't applying it right. I might have to try that concealer. I'm on the lookout for a new one. Great post and really lovely photos as well.

    1. I'm exactly the same. Once I find something that works I'll stick with it but I hate feeling overly made up so I tend to keep my make up to a minimum. x

  2. You sure have an impressive collection of makeup for not being that into it! ;-)

    My mum has always worn makeup, but not being a girly mother, she never taught me how to apply it. I found that taking a makeup session at MAC was of invaluable help -- and they also sell great makeup. Other makeup brands offer similar classes. Usually the class is free of charge if you spend a certain amount on product, and you leave with a shopping list of products that work for you in addition to 1-2 drawings of your face with products applied. Great help for when you want to recreate the looks two weeks later!

    Anett | Tall Girl's Fashion

    1. Thanks for the tip - I have a friend who's a make up artist and works part time for MAC. She's been trying to get me to visit them for ages - maybe I should! x


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