Longer Length

Jacket: Zara | Scarf: craft fair | Dress: ASOS
Tights: tightsplease.co.uk | Boots: Debenhams
Unimpressed Cat: Not for Sale

You can buy a navy version of this dress here.

The tall blogging community recently got very excited when ASOS launched its tall range. A lot of brands associated with ASOS followed suit and there's now a great range to choose from. Just before the range launched ASOS drip-fed some items into it's stock and I spotted this longer-length dress - it really is the perfect length for me. Usually I have trouble finding waisted items that sit right with my body proportions - but no such issues with this dress. If you're 5'10" or over I'd definitely check it out. My cat might not have been too impressed but I was.


  1. Aww, the kitty! What a handsome fellow! And your outfit is lovely - you styled it so well!

  2. You are so beautiful! I really love the way you matched your dresses, looks good and natural.


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